Conferen Topics


All the topics are in all areas of Optical Communications are of interest, including but not limited to the following:

Call for Paper

Topic 1: Fibres, Fibre and Free Space Devices and Fibre Amplifiers

  • Physics of light propagation in optical fibres
  • Low-latency fibres and fibres for new wavelength ranges
  • Specialty optical fibres for improved transmission performance
  • Fibre and free space based devices
  • Multimode &multicore fibre and fibre amplifiers for spatial division multiplexing
  • Fibre amplifiers and fibre lasers
  • Optical fibre design, fabrication and characterisation

Topic 2: Digital Signal Processing Technology

  • Algorithms for DSP in optical transmission systems
  • Machine Learning based DSP for optical transmission
  • Modelling, design, and implementation of digital signal processing
  • Digital subsystems for nonlinear transmission enhancement
  • Design, implementation &implications of reduced complexity DSP algorithms
  • Optical MIMO DSP
  • Electronic subsystems for optical communication systems
  • Novel digital signal processing algorithms for optical transmitters & receivers

Topic 3: Theory of Optical Communications

  • Advanced data encoding and signal shaping
  • Information theory for optical communications
  • Transmission system modelling
  • Capacity, reach, flexibility limits of optical transmission systems
  • Novel error correction coding
  • Schemes for impairment mitigation increasing data throughout and/or mutual information
  • System level implications of physical impairments and impairment mitigation techniques
  • Quantum communication system theory

Topic 4: Point-to-Point Optical Transmission

  • High capacity optical transmission for data center intra-connections
  • Lab and field implementation of optical fibre transmission links
  • Optical, optoelectronic, or electrical (incl. DAC/ADC) subsystems
  • Line terminals, optical transmitter and receiver subsystems
  • Multiplexing and demultiplexing subsystems
  • Analog and nonlinear signal processing subsystems demonstrating transmission enhancement
  • Demonstration of point-to-point quantum communication systems
  • Demonstrations of transmission benefit from combined novel fibres, devices, subsystems and multiplexing techniques